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Sarah Davis and Luke Davis - Where are you?

Once upon a time in a small village called Chalford, a young family from London lived in a cul-de-sac called Robin Close, their names were Mark Davis, Victoria Davis and their two children, Sarah Davis and Luke Davis and their neighbours loved them very much.

Unfortunately, life can be cruel and confusing and on 13th May 2009, sadly Victoria died. Mark continued to look after the young family that both he and his wife loved so much and while his Chauffeur Business called Chauffeurwise Services did not survive, he gave up his company to become a full-time Father.

Mark had a lady-friend who was also single but with a couple of Children of her own and the six of them, including little Sarah and Luke all went to live in Cornwall and their friends and neighbours in Chalford never got to see them again.

As if life wasn't hard enough, just as Sarah and Luke were getting to enjoy their new life, their dear Father; Mark, suffered a terrible Heart Attack and also died, and who could blame these brave little chaps for feeling lost and lonely.

Victoria Ann Davis of Chalford, mother to Luke and Sarah Davis

Victoria was a wonderful person, so full of life and vitality and she loved those little souls like only a mother can. I know this because she told me on many occasions how she would sit with each of you guys as you went to sleep in the evenings, sitting with her hand on your chest as you went to sleep - I am Rupert, your old neighbour and together with my Dog Beavis, we have known you two kids since you were born and I need for you to know that you are not alone and that I looked for ytou, tried to get your Grandparents and Godparents to tell me where you were so I could tell you this in person - I'm not sure you remember me but these should remind you both:

Rupert Roo Ellis with Beavis in Chalford, Glos

This is me with my Dad and Beavis in my old back garden.

Rupert at home in Robin Close Chalford

This was me one Christmas taken sitting in front of the fire in Robin Close, Chalford.

Sarah Davis with Harriett Siebenaller enjoying Roast Wild Boar at Ruperts House in Robin Close

Sarah, do you remember coming to my house to eat Wild Boar that I cooked outside on a Spit? I am sorry Luke, I have photos of both you and Sarah as babies and children but they are all in storage in England and I cannot get hold of them to post here.

Sarah and Luke, Tempus Fugit and none of us can stop it, but I do want and need for you to both now that you are not alone and that I'm looking for you and am waiting for you. I imagine you remember that I used to live with Andrea, well I left England and moved to Texas where I now wife and work. I have a Gun Shop here called Tackleberrys and I have a new Wife and a big Dog called Zeus. I can only imagine how you two feel and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to fnd you before I left to come and live in America but I am here and I am waiting to hear from you.

If you find this, please contact me.

Rupert 'Roo' Ellis

rupert (at) Tackleberrys-dot-com 

US Mobile: 001 512 466 5880 

US Office: 001 512 396 4860