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Gary Tatterton

We first met Gary during our 2009 UK Tour when one of his clients introduced us while bringing some of his trophies along for us to see. The workmanship was impressive and you will see from the following pictures that Gary certainly knows his trade. Gary is often called to restore and repair taxidermy with several commissions to museums and similar to his credit, but is equally adept at mounting your trophy should you decide to take the ‘dip and ship’ option. 

Gary is located in the North East but accepts assignments internationally.




Will Mathews

Will worked for Rowland Ward for 15 years, Nico van Rooyen for 9 years and for Rowland Ward Publications in South Africa when it was owned by Steve Smith when he was engaged in an editorial capacity on the Record Book. His personal taxidermy collection is exquisite and his photographs of the old Rowland Ward studios in East London take one back to a bygone era and while semi-retired now, Will still offers his services when his experience can honestly be considered second to none. 

Will is based in the Home Counties and can be contacted on either 01296 655953 or via email on maryandwill@onetel.net